Delivering your customers' projects on time and with products that will stand the test of time is our primary concern.
With a typical lead time of 4-5 weeks from place of order you can get your projects finished quiclkly and to a high standard.

How we do it

At the Klarvindu factory we only use FSC certified timber and materials from DVV approved manufacturers. This means we meet the requirement of the strict Danish window industry. 
By having a modern, digitised system from order through to manufacturing and delivery means we can cut down manufacturing times. 

What we do

All our products are based on the design of traditional Danish timber windows. A Scandinavian window typically has a deeper cross section than the usual UK window. We have added the option to have the timber window with a protective powder coated alu cladding for extra durability. 

Besides material choice, there is a long list of product options to choose from, including; Double or triple glazing,  Handle types, Colours, Trickle vents, Opening directions, Glass type, Glazing bars, Grooves for windows boards and more. 


Professional assistance

For any trade/commercial enquiries regarding our products please get in touch with Ashley Budgen below. 
Take a look at our technical drawings and general installation details to see our recommended installation methods.
We have many years experience in the UK fenestrations industry and know how important it is to get qualified help when you need it. 

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Ashley Budgen

Trade/Commercial Sales
Phone: 07305230843




PAS24 Testing

Last updated: 05-08-2020
We aim to meet all requirements for the UK market, including PAS24 security testing. 
We are currently having our windows and patio doors tested to meet the PAS24 requirements.
Our front door has passed PAS24 earlier this year (before lockdown).