Installation of windows and doors is not a rocket science, however you need to know what you are doing and be careful with following each step properly. The result of the installation is something you will be looking at with satisfaction the next 40 years. A proper installation also ensures the products are secure and work properly throughout their lifetime.

Perfect and professional installation of windows and doors - every time!

For the appearance and functionality of your windows and doors, it is essential to get the installation of your windows and doors right, rather than get it done quickly. Therefore we offer you a professional installation service of your new Klarvindu windows and doors that gives you an extra insurance and saves you from unnecessary stress of handling all the regulatory processes on your own. Improper installatoin of your windows or doors can later cause problems that can be difficult or expensive to rectify. Furthermore, incorrectly installation of windows and doors can, in the worst case, result in the dismissal of warranty and household insurance.

At Klarvindu we provide a unique online ordering system for the DIY people or a Full Service approach if you just want us to take care of it all, from measuring to install.  

When you request a quote we will:

✓ Measure your windows

✓ Guide you through all product options and choices 

✓ Present you with a quote including all cost for products and installation

✓ Manufacture and deliver your new windows and doors 

Install your windows & doors and make sure they work as they should


Our installatin service prices starts from 250 GBP per element

By ordering the installation service through us, we:

Guarantee that your windows and doors will be installed according to professional quality standards that ensures the proper sealing of your windows and doors and will ease your renovation process
Provide certified services and take care of every step on the way that is related to replacing your old windows and doors with new premium products
Take care of handling and submitting the Building Regulation application for you, so you don't have to worry about the paperwork or meeting the standards for your insurance policy

Get in touch to discuss your project or book a visit from one of our window experts. 

Get a free window quote with installation


Some of our partners are: 

  • EWS (European Window Systems Ltd), Unit 33 The Old Woodyard, Hall Lane, Hagley, Worcestershire, DY9 9LQ
  • Midcon (uk) Ltd, Unit 35, Bilton Industrial Estate, Building 8 & 9, Humber Avenue, Coventry, CV3 1JL
  • East Midlands Installations Ltd., 20 Shilling Way, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 3QN
  • Svuda Ltd, 14A Amwell Road , Cambridge, CB4 2UH
  • K G Refurbishments Ltd, Newmarket Town, Cricket Field Road, Newmarket, England, CB8 8BT
  • ARB WINDOWS LTD, 4 Denby Walk, Aylesbury, United Kingdom, HP20 1LW


Get a free window quote with installation


In case you would like to try installing our windows or doors yourself, please contact us for the installation guide. By following the guidelines, you can make sure that the products are installed according to our company regulations and are covered by warranty.

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