Window replacement

​Replacing the windows in your home is a big decision and not something you do very often. However, replacing your windows gives you a fantastic opportunity to upgrade the energy performance or change the appearance of your house. 

Whether you are choosing double-glazed timber windows or triple-glazed aluclad windows there are many options to consider. 


  • Glazing: Double or Triple?
  • Materials: Timber only or aluclad timber?
  • Colours: Keep your current colour or try something new.
  • Opening direction: Should the window or door open to the right or the left?
  • Hinges: Top guided, Side hung or side guided? 
  • Locking type: Normal handle, handle with safety catch or a handle with a key?
  • Glass types: Clear glass... Or one of the many obscure options? 
  • Glazing bars: Do you wish to add a little bit of heritage style to your home?
  • Internal profiles: Softline (contemporary internal look) or a more heritage look?
  • Grooves for window boards: Helps window boards & reveals align evenly.
  • Trickle vents: Do you need a little extra ventilation or not? 

The many options available can be a bit confusing - we know. If you have any questions feel free to contact us online or on the phone.

Planning permission and listed buildings

Before changing your windows, you may need to talk to your local planning officer and you may even have to apply for permission if you want something that is very different from what you currently have. 
In most cases you would be fine to replace your windows without asking. 
If you are in doubt, our experts are always ready to help and guide you through the process - feel free to contact us.

Are you going to do it yourself or get the Full Service​?

Would you like help from start to finish? ​

At Klarvindu we know how daunting it can be to push the button and order thousands of £ worth of windows! 
What if you get the measurements wrong? 
What if you chose the wrong colour, glass or opening direction?

These are common concerns.
And therefore, we offer you the service to measure your current windows, talk about any concerns you may have, help you choose your new windows, order and install them when they have arrived. 

Taking all the responsibility off your shoulders, so you can enjoy your "new" home without worrying.


Are you going to measure or install by yourself? 

If you can do it yourself and you know your sizes, we recommend ordering online and then follow our guidelines when installing your new windows and doors.
Should you have any problem along the way we are only a call away. Our many years of experience in the industry is at your disposal.
If you are unsure how to measure your current windows, but are unsure how, take a look at our guide on measuring windows.

 How to measure your windows 

When you have your measurements, you can start customising your new windows and doors in our online configurator. 

 Shop windows online     Shop doors online 


Cost of replacing your windows

The cost of replacing our windows depend on whether you can do any part of it yourself. 
The cheapest way to replace your windows will be to take the measurements yourself, order windows and doors on and install them when they arrive.
Working with a builder, renovating your house?
You or the builder can take measurements, you order on, your builder installs the windows when they arrive.  
Price changes for added options/upgrades on the windows and doors are instant, so you know exactly what it will cost when you go to checkout. 
Need help with all of it (Full Service)?
If you contact us for a quote for new windows, we will come to your house to take the measurements and discuss options. When the windows and doors arrive, we will be back to install them. You will be given a quote containing all the costs before accepting, so that you know exactly how much it will cost. 



Product quality and delivery

Working with the best DVV suppliers and meeting the requirements for the Danish window market is a testament to our consistent level of quality.

The use of FSC certified timber ensures a sustainable window production.
If you choose alu clad timber composite windows you will significantly reduce the maintenance needed in the future.

Regardless of whether you decide to do it yourself or if you choose the full service, our windows and doors are made in our own factory and delivered to your door, free of charge, in just 4-7 weeks.


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