In this blog post we will take a closer look at a special type of windows that are increasingly being selected for both newer and older buildings - triple-glazed windows. Triple glazed windows have a number of advantages that make them attractive to both older and newer homes. Below you will learn about the modern window type that more and more people are choosing for their home.

In general, you have the best insulating properties in triple glazing windows with 3 layers of glass. The inner and outer layers of glass are coated with a low-emission coating, which significantly reduces the heat radiation on the surface. At the same time, some of the heat is reflected back into the room. To further reduce heat loss, argon gas has been used between the panes. Argon has the advantage that it is heavier than air, thus reducing the air circulation that occurs between the panes of the window, when it is cold on one side and warm on the other.


Where and when to choose triple glazing for your home?

As a rule of thumb, it may be a good idea to choose different types of panes, depending on which way the facade faces. Extra insulating glazing, such as triple glazing, will be more obvious on north, west and east facing facades than on south facing facades, where it is essential to include as much light and solar gain as possible.

If, in general, the windows in your house are air-tight and in good condition, you can improve the energy performance by replacing older double glazed panes with new triple glazed window panes. It is cheaper and easier than having to replace the entire window, it will improve the insulation of your home.

Old-fashioned double glazing usually has a U-value of about 3Wm2K, while a modern double glazed pane is at 1.1Wm2K. A modern triple glazed Klarvindu window pane, on the other hand, has a U-value of 0.7Wm2K, which is among the lowest levels on the market.

If you want to make a positive difference in relation to your heating bill, triple glazedd windows is a good place to start. Especially in large window screenas from floor to ceiling. The same is true if you live on a heavily trafficked road or near a railroad, as well as if you live in an industrial area, or near an airport. One of the advantages of the triple glazed window is that it is also noise-reducing.


You get the most effective noise reduction with triple glazing, where the glass panes have different thickness and where the distance between them is uneven. The best cushioning is achieved if you combine triple glazing with noise-canceling glass treated in such a way that the window reduces noise with up to 34 (-2; -6) dB.

So there are several things to consider before choosing your new triple glazed windows. For some, finding the right window and window solution for your home can be a daunting task. Either way, you are most welcome to seek help and advice from us. We offer to take a closer look at your home - and to guide you all the way - so that you get a tailor-made solution that will be a sustainable investment.

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