Klarvindu is a newly created branch (2019) of Klarvinduer that was established with its own factory in Estonia in 2014 and has been exclusively producing quality windows and doors for the Scandinavian markets ever since. As opposed to other producers, Klarvindu reaches its customer through a wholly unique and seamless award-winning web-platform, which helps customers save both time and money while shopping for new windows and doors online. Klarvinduer has won, amongst other awards The Silver Egg at The Golden Egg Award in Estonia.


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1Do it yourself - or get help with everything
Klarvindu helps everybody who wants to order new windows and doors in United Kingdom, whether you are a do-it-yourself individual and want to measure and assemble yourself - or if you need help with everything. Through our online booking system you can order anything from a to z and avoid expensive middlemen. At other companies, you must first have a carpenter to review your renovation or building project, and if you want quality at competitive prices you are often required to get windows and doors and mounting work from two different companies.
At Klarvindu we have it all in one place, and the ordering module is online - it is completely unique experience! Start your ordering process and we will deliver your high quality custom-made products directly from our own factory to your residence for FREE and help with the service work that is required to finish your renovation project!
2Our Vision
Klarvindu's vision is to prove that everyone is able to buy windows and doors online. Our user-friendly shopping-process helps customers to put together the elements individually so that it perfectly fits their individual needs. This is possible with professional guidance at every step of the way. We want to prove that premium high quality wood and alu-clad windows and doors are available for everyone without breaking your bank. Premium is the new reasonable!
3Why Estonia?

We represent a digital and developing society with products that are made in an eco-friendly environment.

Estonia is known for its craft traditions and technological entrepreneurship, and here slow-grown pine trees have the best conditions to be made into timber of the highest quality. The core density of timber found elsewhere is simply too low, since pine trees grow too slow in other countries. Countries, such as Estonia, have perfect conditions for trees to grow in a slow pace, because of the cold average temperatures.

We use only the timber from best, slow-growing pine trees from Estonia, and collaborate with FSC certified suppliers for all our materials that we use to ensure the best quality. Your new Klarvindu windows and doors are still there in your house for generations to come, so you can be sure that it is an investment that pays back.

4Our values
 Here at Klarvindu we always keep our hand on the pulse - and we put a personal mark on each and every order, despite the fact that we are a company with rapid growth. Transparency is an important factor for us, because we at Klarvindu believe that transparency and openness is the way forward. We have no expensive middlemen, no hidden costs - we just want to deliver the best of the best - directly from the factory to your residence. We are in constant development, and by that we mean that our e-commerce platform is never 100% finished. This means that we are always trying to improve and make the lives of our customers easier.
5This is how you contact us

The vision of Klarvinduer is simple - we exist for our customers!

For most people an investment into new windows and doors is not a common procidure, which makes it a huge decision to make. That is why we are always ready to help you — with good advice, guidance, information and generally, just answering your every question. Do not hesitate to contact us — all questions are relevant, and we take them all seriously!

There is more than one way you can contact us. Whichever choice you make, we will try to give you the answer right away, or as quickly as possible, latest the next working day after receiving your message! You can either sends us an email to [email protected], call us at 0808 164 9920 or contact us by clicking on the button on the right sidebar and send us your questions. Our Customer Support will answer you as soon as possible.
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You can also find us in Denmark and Sweden

Klarvindu is part of a larger corporate group with established businesses in Scandinavia. In Denmark under the name of Klarvinduer and Klarfönster in Sweden. Below you can find direct links in the native language to our most popular products.

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