At Klarvindu we have simplified the whole window ordering process - which means you will find our prices highly competitive - but rest assured that we do not compromise on quality. 
Being a supplier to the Danish and Swedish window markets means we work with he best DVV certified suppliers of handles, hinges, gaskets, paints, glass and FSC certified timber. 

A new era of buying windows

Allowing you to look up prices and order directly from our website cuts days and in some cases weeks off your ordering process. Couple that with a direct and quick delivery - you will typically have your windows and doors in 4-5 weeks from you submit your order.

This new approach speeds up your whole house renovation or self-build project with weeks or even months, compared to other Scandinavian window manufacturers. 

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The product options

When you have chosen your window or door type it is time to specify it to your needs. On our website you have direct access to choosing all the standard options we offer and instantly see the changes to the price of the finished product. 

Double or Triple? Triple glazing will improve the thermal performance of your windows.
Klarvindu double or triple glazing.jpg
Timber only or aluclad timber? Aluclad windows require minimal maintenance for the next many years. Just keep them clean and lubricated as described in the manual.
Choose one of our standard colours. If you have chosen an aluclad window, you can specify an internal and an external colour. Aluminium parts will be powder coated while timber is painted by our painting robot. 
Klarvindu colours.jpg
 Opening direction:
Should the window or door open to the right or the left? Changing the opening direction, especially of doors, can have great influence on the flow in your home.
Klarvindu opening direction.jpg
Top guided, Side hung or side guided? The opening of your windows should suit the way you use them. For example, the side hung window is available with a handle operated brake that holds the window open in any position. (not to be used in strong winds - apply common sense!)
Klarvindu hinges.jpg
 Locking type:
Normal handle, handle with safety catch or a handle with a key? Restrict the usability for animals and kids by adding a safety catch or a locking cylinder to the handle.
Klarvindu handles.jpg
 Glass types:
Clear glass... Or one of the many obscured options? I you want light into your home, but want to keep your neighbours out, an obscured glass choice can be a good idea.
Klarvindu glass.jpg
 Glazing bars:
Do you wish to add a little bit of heritage style to your home? The glazing bars are available as 24 or 44 mm wide and can add a completely different expression to your house. Choose the Duplex glazing bar to have a spacer bar filling the gap between the panes. 
Klarvindu glazing bars.jpg
 Internal profiles: 
Softline (contemporary internal look) or a more of a heritage look? The internal profile is entirely up to you and the style of your home. See examples when you configure your windows.
Klarvindu internal window profile.jpg 
 Grooves for window boards:
Helps window boards & reveals align evenly.

 Trickle vents:
Do you need a little extra ventilation? The trickle vent is click activated and will allow air circulation when your window is closed. You should not choose trickle vents if you have MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) or similar ventilation systems. 
Klarvindu trickle vent.jpg

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Cill packer as standard

As standard we fit an 18 mm timber cill packer to the bottom of our windows, so that you can fit an aluminium cill pressing to your new windows. Learn more about cills for Scandinavian windows.


DVV Suppliers and FSC certified timber 

At Klarvindu we have supplied windows and doors for the Danish and Swedish markets for over 5 years - and that require a certain level of product quality. By using the best DVV approved suppliers and FSC certified timber you know that the end result meets the expectations of one of the most demanding markets. 

Our own factory

All the products on our website is manufactured to your bespoke specification in our own factory - this means we have full control of the entire process from start to finish. 

We always do our absolute best to ensure our customers get a good experience ordering from Klarvindu - that is why we are no more than a phone call, a chat or an e-mail away. 

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Klarvindu windows in factory lady.jpg